Ceramic Horses

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H-R DW B-550 ‘Roughneck’ Morgan Foal – white

Sculpted by Maureen Love, the white ‘Roughneck’ is difficult to find as it was only made in 1958 according to the Charlton Standard Catalogue of Hagen-Renaker. This example is soft on detail, but still has attractive shading and remains charming.

Another interesting feature, the eyewhites on this foal are not strictly white, they are a pale pinkish cream color. This foal has had a broken leg which has been repaired by a previous owner and then subsequently touched-up by myself. There was also a slight rub on the left side of his tail which was touched up. Neither the break or touch up is an invisible restoration. I’ve included closeups. The foal stands approximately 4.5″ high.

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Heredities Creamware Scratching Foal

Of British manufacture, the Heredities company is primarily known for creating resin-cast bronze figurines. However, very early pieces were made of earthenware ceramic and are now quite hard to find.

Sculpted by Tom Mackie, this foal is a premium example of the kind of detail that can be found with Heredities Creamware. The glossy light brown color shows every hair! While this example does NOT bear a backstamp, it does have the sculptor’s name on the base and is definitely a Heredities piece. There is some crazing of the gloss glaze as might be expected with an older earthenware figurine. Otherwise MINT.

Born in Edinburgh in 1939, Tom Mackie attended Leith Academy. He then served a 5 year apprenticeship, qualifying as a master mold-maker with A. W. Buchan. Tom has lived in the Scottish Highlands since 1968 and now lives within the Cairngorm National Park. He began modelling for Heredities in 1976. It is therefore fairly likely that this foal may have been produced around the mid to late 1970s. Tom also sculpted for Teviotdale, a Scottish manufacturer of painted resin sculptures.


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Boehm Porcelain 20070 Donkey

This is a nifty donkey and rarely seen in the colored form! I’ve only ever seen white bisque pieces from the “Spirit of Bethlehem” nativity set. I’ve searched online and not come up with another colored example of this sculpture. The finishing job is extremely nice with beautiful shading, eye, ear and hoof detail etc… Made in England. MINT.

An email to Boehm produced the information that this piece was issued as an open edition in 1979 and closed in 1980. So definitely a very small window of production! The company history is interesting reading.

Approximate dimensions:

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