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Tile Ornaments

Laf ‘n Bear 2011 BOYCC Ornament

This is a very rare item from the 2011 Bring Out Your Chinas show and gathering. Gift bags were given to participants, with various items, only a few random bags had the Lynn A. Fraley ornament donation included. I was lucky enough to get one!

It’s a lovely tile ornament with Lynn’s Laf ‘n Bear logo adorned with a pretty bead and a hanging ribbon and finished in the same glaze used for the BOYCC show awards. It comes as I received it, in a custom made bubblewrap pouch, with Lynn’s business card, wrapped in another bubblewrap pouch with a silver and blue Laf ‘n Bear sticker. A fabulous item for the fancier of Lynn’s work!

Condition is mint.
Dimensions are 3.25″H x 2″W x .2″D.

$26 postagepaid via USPS 1st Class Mail with DC