Best 50 cents spent ever!

You have to understand, I grew up in a simple time (1960s), and worse, I read TONS of my dad’s childhood books set in an even simpler time (mid-1920s). So today, coming home from physical therapy I spotted two young enterprising girls with a LEMONADE STAND! I haven’t seen such a thing in AGES!

We live on a steep hill. There’s very little in the way of foot traffic here. I’m afraid the two girls haven’t learned the lesson about location, location, location. On the other hand, it’s possible what little foot traffic does pass could be thirsty. So maybe it will work out for them after all!

PT had calmed my back and hip pain with a cold ice pack affair so I figured I could make the short hike down the hill and back

I think it surprised the girls to have a customer. I experienced a some sticker shock when I saw the lemonade cost 50 cents, but hey, it was PINK lemonade. They solemnly poured a HALF a paper cup (I can see profit building in all their future enterprises!) and I took a sip, pronounced it delicious, thanked them and hiked back up to my house.

But here’s where it was all worthwhile . . . I heard a chorus of squeals and screams after I left them and these words: “First customer I ever had. . . .” and more joyous squeals!

I just sent hubby down the hill. . . .