We caught a curveball…

Embarrassingly, I managed to lock myself out of the site and didn’t want to deal with figuring out how to get back in until today. That’s a little complicated, thanks to the security plugin I use.

I’m still kicking, but it’s been a rocky year. Last fall, the neurosurgeon’s office had me trucking back and forth to Walla Walla for physical therapy in spite of me telling them how painful the car ride to Walla Walla was. My husband drove me, but I was usually in tears both ways. And would end up laying in bed for hours afterward, just hoping for the pain to ease. Finally, the physical therapist called it quits. He said he couldn’t see me in such pain.

At least I had the beginnings of a home exercise program. Unfortunately, by then the nerve pain flare-up was so bad I was unable to do my exercises for well over a month after we stopped the driving back and forth.

I resumed the exercises slowly and carefully, but winter was depressing. I was sending out some Covid care packages to hobby folk (mainly books) but a trip to the PO just before Christmas meant a short wait in line that resulted in yet another flare-up. I had to stop as clearly, my body wasn’t ready for anything additional beyond taking care of myself.

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