For sale: Sarah Minkiewicz Breunig “Joy” ornament

Whoops! One more Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig ornament to the shop under Pins and Chachkis. Sorry to make an extra sales post, but found this one in the basement last night while trying to clean up a bit. It was in the same blamed tub as the “Love” ornament, but somehow I overlooked it. Sorry not to have a photo of the back side, but my back barely handled getting the two shots today.

For sale: 3 Tile Ornaments

Three nice tile style ornaments are up for grabs! Two by Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig and a rare one by Lynn A. Fraley. Find them on the Pins and Chachkis shop page with all the details.

Sarah M-B 2010 “Frolic” Stoneware Tile – “Moss H”
Sarah M-B 2011 Annual Christmas Ornament “Love”
Laf ‘n Bear 2011 BOYCC Tile Ornament

Naturally, if you buy more than one, I can give a shipping discount!