What’s a gal to blog about?

Before anyone goes and subscribes, I thought you might want to know what sort of things I might write about.

Anything. Everything. But hopefully neither too much or too little!

One thing I’d like to do is post pictures of previously sold figurines along with whatever information I remember about the piece. I have a lot of old pictures kicking around on the computer. I might not remember a thing, but no one objects to eye candy, right? If anyone has further knowledge about a particular sculpture and comments, then we all learn!

And then there are books. Although I hated writing book reports as a schoolgirl, it might be fun to write reviews of out-of-print books as I read. Or delve into interesting tidbits about the books, since I often go looking for further information about authors or illustrators.

I’m not much of a cook, but I might share occasional kitchen tips or simple recipes. Or even a bit about my adventures into old age fitness. You’ve been warned…

Product reviews. I buy stuff. Some of it I like, some of it I don’t.

Old artwork. I’ve got a little treasure box of early drawings from childhood to high school that I should scan. The real question is whether I’d be too embarrassed to share them!

If I have something to sell, I’ll post notice on the blog once it’s loaded in the shop.