2nd toe, uh oh and OW!

Getting old is getting old…

Seems like there’s some new complication every week. Most recently, the second toe on my right foot has been swelling and hurting. At first I thought it was just some new ache/pain, I have quite a few, but quickly I noticed that the toe was actually swollen and slightly discolored.

So I set up a doctor appointment. X-rays were done and were inconclusive other than showing some kind of bone abnormality. Was I born with it? Unknown. There’s been no injury to the toe that I know of. So my doctor referred me to a foot doctor, who says there’s inflammation going on around the toe. He’s modified my insoles to help, but he wants me wearing those shoes all the time. And my norm is to mostly be in my comfy Stegmann Woolflex clogs. The first afternoon, I felt the modifications really did help. I was able to walk around the store to shop instead of riding in a cart for the disabled.

But, a few days later, I’m not sure the cure isn’t worse than the initial pain. My feet are hot, they don’t like being in shoes all day and the pain is worse. It all worries me, it’s so difficult to DO anything! I can’t be on my feet long before I’m in pain. I can’t keep up with housework or yardwork. I can barely manage to fix meals and feed the cats.

All I can do is continue with weight loss efforts, which is going slowly. And hope in three weeks the foot doctor has some other ideas.