UPDATE: Leg pain and back issue

Yesterday I had my physical therapy evaluation. The therapist thinks that I may have a bulging spinal disk issue.

So, she wants me trying to avoid: a) bending over, b) leaning, and c) twisting. Yikes! All things one does rather a lot of in daily life! And she’s not keen on me lifting anything heavy either!

BENDING OVER: The veggie drawers are at the very BOTTOM of the fridge. As I like to eat, that’s  a difficulty! Or feeding my cats. Or getting into horse and book boxes. Or taking sales and eBay photos.

LEANING: This one is a problem because of the dry eye. I can’t put drops in with my glasses on. I can’t see to put drops in unless I’m close to a mirror. 99% of all public mirrors as well as my own bathroom mirror have a sink and often a counter in front of them. Meaning I have to lean somewhat towards the mirror.

TWISTING: Can’t hardly drive without some twisting, in order not to run over someone. Really, you have to look behind you when backing out of the driveway or parking places. Just gotta.

Now, she agrees that further weight loss can’t hurt. However, she’s basically told me NOT to do my weight machines, and NOT to row. Walking doesn’t work, as a) living on a steep hill, I don’t have a good place to do much of it, b) my knees can’t tolerate a lot of it yet anyway and c) my toe on my right foot can’t either. She does say that I should be able to get back to exercise, just not right now.

Pool is out until she says it is in, given that it hurt like heck last time I did it. But she might try me in the therapy pool.

Reading is in, though! I’ve been instructed to buy a specific book called Treat Your Own Back by Robin McKenzie. Reviews are excellent so I got it. On my Kindle and ready to read. The author has a ‘knee’ book as well, so if the back book is helpful, there might be further reading in my future.

Treat Your Own Back by Robin McKenzie on Kindle Oasis 2017

So, this is bad. I’m feeling a bit depressed. Without being able to do much in the way of exercise, I doubt I’ll lose much weight. It doesn’t go fast even WITH exercise. But, I’ve lost 7 pounds since late April, will carry on as best I can.

On the plus side, she showed me a couple exercises. After my session, my leg wasn’t bothering me as much. My back was less than happy, though. I took a half dose of leftover muscle relaxers from my fall in October to help me sleep. My leg returned to being painful when I woke.

I’m watching my posture. She said I could bend over if I stick a leg out behind me and keep my back straight. This does involve some balance, something I’m terrible at, thanks to having sprained both ankles more times than I can remember.

I have to put a timer on myself when I’m seated at the computer. Every 20 minutes, I must stand and do a specific stretch! And the timer on my watch just went off so…


Five sets later, resume typing. Yeesh, this is gonna get old. But I’m doing it. I also have to take multiple breaks during the day, go lay face down on my bed and endeavor to lift my upper body up slightly with my arms. So wish me luck! And be patient about things like sales and posts. Coping as best I can.