A pair of vintage postcards

Once, I thought I might want to collect horse postcards in addition to figurines. And I’d pick up a few here and there at antique shows as I saw images I particularly liked. Well, one collection is enough for me and my fledgling postcard collection never went anywhere except eBay.

I recently found images of two of my favorites and thought I’d share. Unfortunately, I deleted the scans of the backs, which as I recall were mostly plain and lacking in useful information, though my memory is rather suspect these days. A lesson learned.

The photographic postcard on the left was published by Albrecht & Meister of Berlin, Germany who used the “Amag” logo. This information comes from The Postcard Album, a site of postcard printer and publisher research.

A search via Google found that the chestnut horse on the right is by J. Rivet, a 20th century French equestrian artist. For those of you who collect horse postcards, search on either J. Rivet or J. Rivst to turn up similar images.